Barcelona Harbour Industrial Zone, photo taken by Jordi Domènech (original)


The opportunity

Energy Symbiosis (the selling and buying of excess energy) can lead to energy efficiency improvements, CO2 and cost reductions, new revenue, jobs and local investments.

The Challenge

This potential remains unexploited because Energy Symbiosis projects are complex multi-stakeholder activities facing long lead times, high transaction costs, and a range of technical, financial and legal uncertainties before securing an investment.

The Solution

INCUBIS will deliver an ambitious Incubator programme to help stakeholders overcome these challenges and implement Energy Symbiosis projects at the local and regional level.


Five Energy Symbiosis Incubators will be launched, supporting existing or novel exchanges of waste heat & cold within industrial areas in Spain (Barcelona Province), France (Dunkirk), Norway (Agder Region), United Kingdom (Humber Region), and Germany (Brunsbuttel)


The Incubators will consist of both physical and virtual spaces, operated by INCUBIS consortium partners who have been selected specifically for their complementary expertise and experience in delivering Energy Symbiosis in Industrial Parks and Districts.


These Incubators will provide to local actors with all the tools, expertise and training required to secure seed funding for the projects, find solutions to problems, intermediate in negotiations, and see the energy symbiosis projects through to implementation.


The Incubator´s tools and services will become available across European territories through the Virtual Platform while the methods followed will be integrated in existing reference documents and standards like the EU´s Energy Efficiency BAT and EMAS.

Energy Symbiosis Incubator Concept


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